Checklist to Ensure Your Website is SEO Friendly

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website for maximum visibility across the web. SEO over the years has gained grounds and is considered a necessity to acquire audiences across the web. The significance of SEO was understood well when Google introduced strict guidelines, which if violated hampered the websites’ authority and reputation.

The businesses in this era are cautious of every move they make in the direction of optimizing their websites. While numerous businesses with the help of their expert digital marketing professionals are able to ensure that their websites are SEO friendly, some still wonder how to go about it. This is a question that companies need to find an apt answer for so as to avoid losing out on a large number of potential leads that could be generated online.

Essentials of SEO

Most of the website owners are indulged in SEO, but very few of them know that they are doing it right. One has to be cautious of the technical aspects, URL structure, and many other factors while optimizing a website. Many of these factors are needed to be taken into consideration while the website is being developed. Thus, it is essential to get a website developed by a trusted web design company, which holds the ability to provide timely technical assistance.

Below are the major factors that need to be considered to ensure that a website is SEO friendly.

Register the domain wisely

This is the first step that comes even before the development stage. Prior to developing a website, every business owner books a domain name. One needs to do this with utmost care. It is usually seen that to get good rankings on search engines, businesses prefer to book domains that are flooded with keywords. This is purely meant to gain an edge over the other domains.


However, this isn’t a good practice as per the guidelines of Google. It’s recommended to use appropriate keywords in the domain name, but a long URL stuffed with keywords isn’t advised. Long URLs may benefit a website in the short run, but for the long run, it doesn’t assure positive results.

URL & Site Structure

The structure of the website, its internal pages, and categorization is crucial for a website’s compliance with SEO standards. It’s vital to ensure that the website is properly structured.

For example, the URL should define the appropriate structure such as

Besides, no canonical issues should be there. Canonical issues occur in the case where a website can be accessed with and without the usage of www, but search engines consider these to be two separate URLs and as a result, the traffic to both the URLs is recorded for separate URLs and the website gets divided traffic.

On-Page Optimization

After having ensured that the technical health of the website is in a good state, one has to think of the on-page optimization, which works wonders for a website’s existence. Under this process, every page of the website is given appropriate title, description and keywords that search engines read while indexing the website. Besides, it has to be ensured that the website has enough content and that too original.

Such factors affect the probability of a website’s ranking among the search results. Thus, enough time and efforts have to be devoted to this process. However, not every business is able to ensure that a website is properly optimized. In such cases, getting in touch with digital marketing agencies is suggested.


Plan SEO Campaign

Once the on-page optimization is done, it’s time to move to the formulation of SEO campaign. Every business needs to follow a pre-defined strategic SEO plan that includes all the essentials. The major elements of such campaigns include acquiring quality back links, content marketing, social sharing, video marketing, and email marketing.


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