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5 Facebook Features That Will Help You Earn Business

Facebook came as a wave for people of all ages. But soon, the businesses started feeling it has got enough for them too. They soon found ways to take their businesses to this social channel and started using it for branding and engaging customers. It came about as a direct social marketing channel that helped them reach out to people, who are interested in their products or services.

Facebook, at present has more than 40 million active small businesses. This data clearly shows how rapidly businesses have tuned to the channel for social media marketing. While millions of businesses already have marked their presence on Facebook, most of them struggle to get amid the News Feed for a larger reach. This happens due to the increasing number of pages and posts being updated every day.

In such a situation, needed the most is optimum usage of the features that Facebook has blessed us with. Below are some of those sections that as a business owner you could take an advantage of.

Ability to share updates

Most of the readers out there must be thinking this is no exclusive feature as they have already been using it. Agreed. But, how you use it matters a lot. Sharing a post on your business page isn’t all. It’s about how you use it and how many people it’s able to reach out to. With more businesses joining Facebook and many groups being joined by the users, the competition among the news feeds has increased significantly. On this, Facebook says that the organic outcomes would still appear before the users. And, this completely works on the quality of the content being shared in the news feeds. Thus, businesses should make good use of the posts they share on their official pages.

Create Events

Facebook undoubtedly has come up as a platform where a consumer and a brand are empowered to communicate directly. One such feature that has helped businesses to invoke a sense of connection within the users is to create events and invite people to be a part of the same. It is quick and keeps the users aware of the business’ activities. Events on Facebook aren’t just created for the consumers, but also for a company’s employees, who are to be invited for an internal event.

Facebook Advertising

The paid display advertising introduced by the social giant proved to be one of the significant features that most business owners loved. At present, over 1.5 million billions spend on Facebook ads. Data also says that a great percentage of the users on this social channel make purchase of virtual goods and gifts through these ads. This has been identified as a great advantage for small and medium businesses, who don’t mind spending money on advertising their businesses.

facebook advertising

Helps earning traffic for the website

The posts you’re going to share on behalf of your business can also include an update about a new product or a section of your website that you wish to expose to social connections. There is going to be no harm in sharing such a post that includes a caption and a link to your website. This works for businesses and help them get referral traffic.

Facebook Insights

The insights section of Facebook lets businesses know what’s happening around. It empowers them to see how many visitors they got and also through which geographical areas and also the reach of every post shared on the page. Not just this, it has everything that you as a business owner or a social media manager would be keen to know.

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Isn’t Your Business Getting Enough From Email Marketing?

If the deteriorating results of your email marketing campaigns aren’t paying you back, there has to be something which is not going well. It could be your subject line or the email contacts you are using to send emails or some other factor. If done appropriately, email marketing helps generating leads and even helps to stay connected with the customers. Email marketing, years ago used to be a great source of lead generating and still continues to be. However, the way these campaigns are implemented has kept changing.

email marketing

At present, many of you would have a perception that email marketing doesn’t work that well in this era when other effective mediums are accessible. But, the real picture has something else to say. Email marketing still holds a lot for the businesses. However, it is rumoured that email marketing is dead, but there lie hundreds of facts that say it still is cherished among the marketers.

Below are some of the relevant facts that would define why a business should rely on email marketing for lead generation.

  • 89% of marketers said email was the primary channel to get them leads.
  • Email is used by 91% of consumers at least once a day.
  • Relevant emails get 18 times more revenue as compared to broadcast emails.
  • Emails ensure three times better conversion than social media.

why email marketing

All the data mentioned here is compiled through the results reported by relevant studies. The sources that quote email marketing as an effective marketing medium are known for their authenticity.

why we should do email marketing

Now when you know why email marketing is essential for your business, it’s time to know how to use it to get you enough leads. In various instances, a company is unable to know why the email campaign it implemented with utmost precision couldn’t turn up well. Finding the apt answer to this question would further lead to implement an email campaign that works for the customers and organization.

Mind the subject line

The subject line is one of the major factors that decide the future of email. Whether or not an individual is going to open an email depends much on its subject line too. If it’s compelling enough there are fair chances that the email would be opened by many. A major factor to be noted here is that the headline need not be promotional, which may even turn out to be negative for the campaign.

Relevant Database

In the early years, what mattered was to send out emails to masses. Not many businesses were bothered about whom the emails are being sent to. But now, the scenario has changed. In this era, it’s crucial to decide to whom the emails are being. Marketers here need to consider the data in terms of age groups, profession or industry.

Content matters

The copy written in the email body matters too. If the subjection line could influence the consumer to open the email, the content or the copy written in the body needs to be compelling too so that the readers is interested in reading on.

Include call to action

The idea of carrying our email marketing is not just to inform, but to influence the users for an action to buy a product, or register on a website or register for a newsletter. For the marketers, it is essential to include a strong call to action within the mail.

Deliver value, not spam

The idea is to introduce a compelling deal to a consumer. Thus, it is essential to deliver value with every element of the email. Be it the image used in the body or head line, the purpose should be clear and the consumer should not feel that a spam is being served in the form of an email.


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Isn’t Your Blog Giving You Enough Traffic?

Internet has been buzzing with the facts that say blog are the major sources of traffic for businesses. Companies that blog frequently have comparatively more indexed pages and even see growth in the revenue too. But, not all companies get to see such fascinating amendments as a result of their blogging efforts. The reason for this could be their blogs aren’t really compelling for the readers or they don’t put enough efforts in promoting the blogs.

blogging survey

Data says that small businesses that blog get to witness 126% more growth in terms of leads than those that don’t embrace blogging. A survey also discovered that businesses blogging 16-20 times a month received twice the traffic of those businesses that blog 4 times a month or less. If your blog haven’t yet brought you a sense of establishment, then you need to review your blogging strategy. Now, this will include few relevant steps that would help you get substantial results from your blog.

Review the look and feel

The design of a web page is the first thing that can help holding a viewer’s interest. A company has to impart enough time to design its blog. If the reader cannot connect with the design, reading a blog isn’t even a point in such a case.

Take a call on the topics you choose to write

Beyond the design, the headline of your blog remains a major factor that is needed to be taken a call upon. For this, the topic has to be chosen wisely. It shouldn’t be the one that favours your business, but the one that favours the readers. Look for the topics that are trending and accordingly create a blogging strategy. Once you decide on the topic, ensure to write a headline, which is catchy and compelling enough for the reader to read on.

Mind users’ behavior

Before you implement your blogging strategy, ensure to review what the users are sharing the most. This will help you know how well your blog post can perform.

Competitors’ Review

Monitoring what the competitors’ do on their blog is another thing that you need to have on your to do list. Don’t follow them blindly, but be known to how active they are and what all they do to

See how they perform, what they write about and you will get a reality check to measure your strategy.

increase blog traffic

Deliver the content with compelling images of videos

Writing compelling content helps you win just half of the race, the rest of it is won when you include rich media in your blog. It doesn’t just mean including images, but also info-graphics, videos and all that can help the users engage more with the content.

Keep innovating

Don’t form a strategy that keeps your blog stagnant. Keep innovating and employing new ideas so as to deliver something captivating to the users every day.

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