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Seek Credible Web Design Solutions for Enhanced Online Visibility

Today every business needs a professional website that can enable them to grow their businesses online. In such a scenario, even the small businesses are seeking to create their online presence through a website. All they need to do is to hire a web designing company that can give them a compelling website to reach out to their targeted audiences. A website’s design serves as a major element to convey the right message to the customers. Thus, it’s crucial for a website’s online visibility and thereafter an increased revenue.

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How can a design contribute to a website’s online presence?

A design is the first element that decides a website future and competitiveness. While a website is designed, numerous factors are needed to be considered by the web designing agency. Various elements of a website’s design help reaching out to the target audiences effectively. Thus, for every business, it’s crucial to find an agency that offers reliable web designing and digital marketing solutions. These agencies would not just provide you the most appropriate web design, but will also develop it in a way that it complies with the search engine guidelines.

These companies first develop an understanding of your business and thereafter create a strategy for your website’s promotion.

MaverickGlobal understands all of the above factors and works for the clients’ businesses in a way that they reach out to the masses effectively. We give you enough reasons to associate with us for your business’ online presence. From designing search-engine friendly websites to optimizing them, we take care of everything. We even help you build your brand across the digital space.

Below are some specific details that would help you know us better.

Comprehensive Strategies

MaverickGlobal Info Soft was initiated as an agency that believes in perfection and technology. While we undertake the projects for digital marketing, we ensure that we come up with comprehensive strategies. For this, we study prevailing market trends and also carry out competitive analysis to figure out the right process that suits your business needs. Besides, we ensure that the website we develop for you is user-friendly and creating a positive image for your brand.

Appealing Web Designs

We believe that a website’s look and feel does half of the job when it comes to holding a customer’s interest. We make sure that every element is designed in a way that the customers are compelled to explore your website. While designing the websites, our experienced web designers significantly consider the quality of the images being used. Besides, they consider the structure of the website to be highly crucial and thus, ensure that the user can easily navigate to another page.

E-commerce web development

The online retail business has seen a great boost in the last few years. Thus, it has become one of the major solutions offered by us. Our technical team consists of experienced developers, who work with the latest technologies used for developing e-commerce websites. We develop user-friendly websites that consist of everything that an online shopaholic would look for. Besides, we also ensure that these websites are SEO-friendly.


5 Fantastic Tips to Accelerate Your WordPress Website

Even Google considers website speed into their algorithm when positioning websites. So if your website load time is too slow, you can anticipate your Google rankings to drop, and consequently drive less traffic to your website. Having a fast website is very vital for staying active in the modern era of web technology.


Hence what can you do to make your site quicker? Here are a simple ways to reduce your page load times and keep you visitors contented.

  1. Optimize images

When considering images, you need to concentrate on 3 things: format, size and the src attribute.

Image size

Oversized images take much time to load, so it’s vital that you keep your images as small as possible. Make use of image editing tools to:

Cut your images to the appropriate size. For example, if your page is 570px wide, resize the image to that particular width. Do not simply upload a 2000px-wide image and fix the width parameter (width =”570″). This reduces your page load time and generates a bad user experience.

Decrease color depth to the lowest satisfactory level.

Take away image comments.

Image format

JPEG is your finest alternative.

PNG is also fine, though older browsers may not support it completely.

GIFs should only be employed for small or simple graphics (less than 10×10 pixels, or a color palette of 3 or fewer colors) and for animated images.

Don’t use BMPs or TIFFs.

Src attribute

Once you have the size and format right, ensure the code is also right. Particularly, keep away from empty image src codes.

In HTML, the code for an image comprises this:

<img src=””>

When there is no source in the quotation marks, the browser asks for request to the directory of the page or to the authentic page itself. This can include needless traffic to your servers as well as corrupt user data.

It is advised to take time while resizing your images before uploading them. And always take in the src attribute with a applicable URL.

To make certain your images load fast, focus on adding up the WP plugin to your website.

  1. Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript

In other words, take away all white space from code where possible.

White spaces and tabs make code more readable for servers, humans and browsers could not care less as long as it’s convincing and executes without error.

Instead of manually sifting through your code, plugins such as WP Minify and W3 Total Cache can manage this at runtime.


  1. Use a Great Caching Plugin

If you have static images, CSS and JavaScript on your website that seldom change, browser side caching can make your site more concise as it depends upon the web application techniques you followed.

Caching engages storing parts of your site so they just require to be loaded once rather than every time a user visits your website. Caching is mainly useful for your return visitors, plus others who visit some pages of your website.

W3 Total Cache is an accepted caching plugin for WordPress employed by sites like Mashable, Web Designer Depot and WP Beginner. The plugin guarantees a 10 times betterment in overall site performance when configured properly.

WP Super Cache is an easy-to-use option and you don’t require being a server expert install it.

  1. Optimize Database Tables

Optimizing your database tables is like defragging your computer or changing the oil in your car – it will assist in emptying space and keep your database running effortlessly.

You can optimize your database tables yourself using phpMyAdmin or with a plugin.

WP-DBManager lets you optimize, mend, backup and repair your database.

There is also WP-Optimize, one more database cleanup and optimization tool. This plugin also allows you take away post revisions, un-approved comments and items in trash and comments in the spam queue.

  1. Reduce HTTP Requests

Each time someone visits a page on your site, the equivalent files should be sent to that person’s browser, taking in images, CSS files and JavaScript library references. So if you have a HTML file, five JavaScript files and eight images, two CSS files, that’s a total of 16 files that require, being loaded.

By decreasing the number of objects in your site’s pages, you can reduce the number of HTTP requests that are needed to deliver a page, accelerating up load times.

One way to do this is by making the design of your site simpler and combining files such as CSS and scripts. The minify section in W3 Total Cache lets you include your CSS and JavaScript files so you can combine them into one file effortlessly.

The above mentioned guidelines must not take very long to set up and for the attempt you made you will get a faster website and contented visitors.


Narendra Kumar, the author of the above article, is working in a web development company in Bangalore which pioneers in Web design and development using Joomla, Drupal, Magento and, WordPress and develops iPhone, Android and Facebook apps along with GDS-IBE integration system. For more information visit

Get web services that are best for your business

Are you going to place up web site for your personal or business wants? Does one desire a website that’s created only for your company? There are several web services that you just will make a choice from however you need to first decide that one you actually need. There are numerous web services to settle on from and it’ll depend upon what your goals are and the way does one wish to realize them?

The first factor you ought to rely on is your objective, for what purpose is that the web site you’re attempting to build? This is often wherever you ought to begin. If you’re golf stroke up a website for private use, this is often much easier and sometimes free. There are several free web hosting service out there that are free however have terribly restricted options.

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One of the simplest free web site hosting suppliers is Google Sites. If you have already got a Gmail account, creating your own web site are going to be terribly straightforward. All you wish is to sign on with Google Sites and you’ll already opt for the templates and theme you wish to use for your web site. You’ll conjointly choose your own url for you advertising and posting desires, just in case you wish to inform your family and friends concerning your new web site. Once you have got finished selecting the look, you’ll put your content and post pictures. It’s extremely this easy.

It gets much more sophisticated if you wish a website for your company and for business functions since you’ll have to be compelled to hire certain individuals to do the task for you. You’ll make a choice from a website designer, a website programmer and a website developer. All of them have totally different areas of experience; however it’s conjointly potential that you just will hire somebody who is capable of doing all of these. Website designer focuses on the look of your website as well as color schemes and layouts. Website coder focuses on the applications and practicality of your website. And web site developer is the one answerable for making your website live.

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Another category of web services that you should consider is your web site hosting service provider. Your web site developer in all probability is aware of additional concerning this. Web site hosting supplier is that the one you’ll use to urge your website up and running within the World Wide Web. Selecting your web host is essential for the success of your web site therefore you need to opt for showing some interest.

With all these web services that you just want for your web site, you’ll have to be compelled to rely on what proportion you’re willing to pay for all of them. Building a website is associate degree investment however it can be pretty pricey too. However if rely on it long run, a website can do wonders for you and would possibly even facilitate go back to the cash you spent within the first place.

How web services will improve your business on-line presence

When you are launching a website for your company, you ought to think about hiring an online services company which will watch out of your needs. Several firms wish to rank higher in search engines therefore they’re gazing SEO (search engine optimization) ways. Also, the look of their web site is additionally a large issue therefore one ought to have an attractive layout for his web site so as to attract the guests in returning in.  Number of these Web services company conjointly supply services for database maintenance and hosting. These may cost thousands of bucks once wiped out house, therefore it’s a good plan to sign on a 3rd party company to produce you with the items that you just want for your web site.

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Many firms currently provide these services attributable to the high demand of the many businesses yet as professional having exposure online. You ought to create a listing of all the items that you just will be requiring for your web site to run. After this, attempt to go looking for various corporations that supply these. To create positive that the online services you wish are reasonable, you ought to request for quotes from the businesses you’re eyeing to examine what proportion they charge for each of the requirements that you just want in your web site.

Prices can after all disagree in keeping with the quality of the online services that you just wish for your website. If your website design is more complex than the standard WordPress-powered websites, then you ought to expect that you just will be charged additional for the design fees and therefore the coding that they’ll need to place in to create it useful. If your web site conjointly needs having some applications in it, you’ll be charged further for the event of the apps yet because the integration of it in your web site.

Many firms’ also offering ecommerce websites if you wish to sell your product on-line. They’ll develop the database required for these via totally different content management systems. Web applications are also part of the online services that many professional website design company in Bangalore provides and that they use technologies like MySQL, PHP, Java, MS-Access and many latest web technologies. If you have got a definite programming code that you just wish enforced in your web site, they’ll possibly be ready to do incorporate.

Many web development services in Bangalore firm’s offers totally different solutions to variety of needs that an organization has for his websites. E-commerce has been an excellent part of the web and many website owners are really excited about the ecommerce. Several small firms additionally operate this manner, because it is additional property for them instead of gap up a physical look and being swamped with several needs for operation.

Web services have undoubtedly helped the way several firms operate. Lots of individuals using the web became acquainted with seeing their favorite brands on the Internet and having the ability to engage with them on a day to day.

Maximize the web services for your online business

The best way to increase profit of your online business is to extend its online visibility. Business owners should take help of Digital marketing agency in Bangalore to grow their online business. Then again, this service doesn’t mean automatic profit for your business.  You need to add the right content to match client’s expectations for the products or services you offer.

Content is as important as the visual presentation of your online business. The content is the message you wish to inform your market concerning. The correct message should be is crisp, direct, and honest. It provides the audience what it desires within the clearest manner possible. The importance placed on content has place content writing on high priority among services being marketed online. The role of content writers is to draft a message that may persuade the target market to administer in to what the business is mercantilism. Below are few additional tips which can assist you maximizing the potential of your online business.

  1. Begin with associate degree finish in mind.
  • Vividly envision what you wish to happen for your business. What proportion profit does one wish once 3 years?
  • How many clients can you be serving once 5 years?
  • What does one wish to happen for your business once 10 years?

Specifically answer these queries in order that you’ll produce a desired lead to your mind. The advantage of doing this is often to fuel your wish to figure onerous on your business currently so as for you to reach that end in mind. See your web service provider concerning these needs you wish to do in order that each of you’ll have a transparent understanding of what has to be worked on in a way as your website is concerned.

  1. be clear with what you wish to be done.

Ever heard of the old saying “the hottest spot in hell are reserved for those that remained neutral in times of moral crises”? This saying is akin to being indecisive in times once your call is heavily needed. Within the case of managing your business, your “hottest hell” is your bankruptcy, should you refuse to require intelligent and calculated risks.

  1. Take into account your web service provider and your content writers your partners.

Treating those who work for you as partners can create them feel trustworthy. As another speech goes, “trust begets trust.” therefore once you begin trusting these individuals, they’ll conjointly begin to create wonders for you and your business. They’ll sure as shooting do their best to stay up together with your expectations, and so, keep your trust.

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