How Can a Company Handle Social Media?

Social media has become the buzz of the town in the recent years. Its usage, which is seeing new benchmarks everyday has triggered the need for businesses to ensure their presence across the numerous social media platforms. This needs strategy, time, and an understanding of the user behavior. With a detailed knowledge of all these, a business can build its social reputation.

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The most relevant social media channels that companies need to emphasize on, while formulating their social media strategies are Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google Plus, Instagram, and Pinterest. Businesses need to have dedicated business pages on these channels. However, most businesses are indulged in chasing their goals through the benefits of social media perks, some are still wondering of how to go about it.

The major factor to be discussed here is how does a company manages its social media presence. Below ones are the most significant choices that the businesses resort to.

Managing on their own

Most of the small businesses tend to resort to this idea. They consider hiring their own social media managers, who manage the everyday activities on all the channels and also monitor the performance. However, when a company plans to manage its presence across social platforms, it has to consider numerous factors. This task can be simplified with the help of some tools. Hoot suite is one of them. It empowers those, who wish to manage multiple channels simultaneously.

Besides, those managing the social handles internally need to also define their strategies, which further create a great impact. Companies that manage their social profiles internally also need to hire graphic designers and copy writers, who aid the social media manager in the job.

Outsourcing the services

This seems to be a simplified and cost-effective solution that most of the large business houses consider. This helps the companies keep their focus on the core services and doesn’t give them an extra burden. There exist social media agencies that are specialized in offering social media services. These companies are supported by expert social media strategies and experienced marketers, who deal with everything from creating business pages on numerous channels to monitoring the performance and analyzing the competitors’ performance too.

They come up with strategies to manage a brand’s reputation. Besides, they ensure promised results and even extend help when social media image of a business is needed to be managed in the time of crisis. Besides, business consider outsourcing this task owing to the specialization these agencies are blessed with.


Checklist to Ensure Your Website is SEO Friendly

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website for maximum visibility across the web. SEO over the years has gained grounds and is considered a necessity to acquire audiences across the web. The significance of SEO was understood well when Google introduced strict guidelines, which if violated hampered the websites’ authority and reputation.

The businesses in this era are cautious of every move they make in the direction of optimizing their websites. While numerous businesses with the help of their expert digital marketing professionals are able to ensure that their websites are SEO friendly, some still wonder how to go about it. This is a question that companies need to find an apt answer for so as to avoid losing out on a large number of potential leads that could be generated online.

Essentials of SEO

Most of the website owners are indulged in SEO, but very few of them know that they are doing it right. One has to be cautious of the technical aspects, URL structure, and many other factors while optimizing a website. Many of these factors are needed to be taken into consideration while the website is being developed. Thus, it is essential to get a website developed by a trusted web design company, which holds the ability to provide timely technical assistance.

Below are the major factors that need to be considered to ensure that a website is SEO friendly.

Register the domain wisely

This is the first step that comes even before the development stage. Prior to developing a website, every business owner books a domain name. One needs to do this with utmost care. It is usually seen that to get good rankings on search engines, businesses prefer to book domains that are flooded with keywords. This is purely meant to gain an edge over the other domains.


However, this isn’t a good practice as per the guidelines of Google. It’s recommended to use appropriate keywords in the domain name, but a long URL stuffed with keywords isn’t advised. Long URLs may benefit a website in the short run, but for the long run, it doesn’t assure positive results.

URL & Site Structure

The structure of the website, its internal pages, and categorization is crucial for a website’s compliance with SEO standards. It’s vital to ensure that the website is properly structured.

For example, the URL should define the appropriate structure such as

Besides, no canonical issues should be there. Canonical issues occur in the case where a website can be accessed with and without the usage of www, but search engines consider these to be two separate URLs and as a result, the traffic to both the URLs is recorded for separate URLs and the website gets divided traffic.

On-Page Optimization

After having ensured that the technical health of the website is in a good state, one has to think of the on-page optimization, which works wonders for a website’s existence. Under this process, every page of the website is given appropriate title, description and keywords that search engines read while indexing the website. Besides, it has to be ensured that the website has enough content and that too original.

Such factors affect the probability of a website’s ranking among the search results. Thus, enough time and efforts have to be devoted to this process. However, not every business is able to ensure that a website is properly optimized. In such cases, getting in touch with digital marketing agencies is suggested.


Plan SEO Campaign

Once the on-page optimization is done, it’s time to move to the formulation of SEO campaign. Every business needs to follow a pre-defined strategic SEO plan that includes all the essentials. The major elements of such campaigns include acquiring quality back links, content marketing, social sharing, video marketing, and email marketing.

What you should look for in a professional SEO Company

The use of search engines is one of the best ways for any person who uses the internet to discover and explore websites. Search engine optimization, or SEO, can become very complicated especially if you are just a beginner at it.

However, if you want to be able to make the most of search engines, then you should align yourself with a professional SEO company that is able to provide you with the marketing strategies and services that will give you the necessary edge to stand out and stay ahead of your other competitors.

There are over millions of users, domains and websites in the Internet, a factor that makes it difficult for your company, or any company for that matter, to make full use of search engines to help their business succeed. You need to keep in mind that most internet users like to use search engines to find things that they are looking for online. So if you rank high on the search engine, then you are in a much better position to improve your business since you are able to increase your market by getting your desired potential clients to your site.

If you are able to work with a professional SEO company that has the necessary tools and know-how to help you rank high on the search engine, then you improve your chances of having long term success. So it is imperative that you choose the genuine SEO Company to work with.

 website seo

One of the things that you should look for in a professional SEO company is their ability to convey everything you need to the number of internet users in a way that they will understand clearly what you are all about, especially since SEO contains jargons that a lot of people may find difficult to understand.

You should also choose a professional SEO company. It is very likely that you do not know enough about how SEO works, which is why you opt to seek professional help from SEO companies. Make sure that the SEO Company that you decide to work with is not only professional, but is also one of the best. You can make sure of this by checking each SEO company’s website and comparing their services with one another. Make sure that your requirements are met. You can also search for reviews about their site for more information.

If you are still unsure about which SEO company to work with, you can always consult with an SEO consultant to help you make the best choice for your resources and investment. However, this type of service can cost you a lot of money. However, a less expensive route to take is to learn about the workings of search engine optimization yourself. You can do this by visiting web portals and reading articles about SEO, those which discusses the basics and important things that you need to consider to help you decide on which professional SEO company to work with.

Just remember, however, that not all professional SEO companies that are ranked high on the search engine are the best, so you definitely need to research on them. Nonetheless, being able to fully maximize search engines is a must if you want your company to succeed, so make sure that you find the best SEO Company that can offer you the best and quality service that will help increase your online visibility, and also provide you with the advantage over your competitors.

Why Your Business Needs a Professional Website

For many of your customers, your website will be their first impression of your business. Your website gives your customers an idea of what the business is about, who it is for and who runs it. You wouldn’t go to a business meeting without looking your best – and your website should be exactly the same.

If you get it right, your website will be the best tool you have for promoting your business. Your website will essentially become an online shop-window, accessible to customers all over the world, which means the better it looks and more and up-to-date it is, the better impression it will make on consumers.

What your website needs to do

Your website needs to give an idea of exactly what your business does. The look and feel of the website, the images you choose and the text will all contribute to this – but avoid baffling language or words such as ‘solution’ which don’t really mean anything : if customers  can’t work out what you do, it’s unlikely they’ll  stick around to find out.

It might sound obvious, but many business owners forget to include information about the business, such as contact details or opening hours, on their websites. For many customers, your website will be their first port of call to find out where your business is located – so make sure you include detailed information, including a map.

If you find you’re being asked the same questions over and over again, include a ‘frequently asked questions’ (FAQ) section on your website. Giving your customers quick access to the answers will improve your customer service, as well as saving you time answering the same question again and again.

professional web design

Including an online shop on your website is a cheap and easy way to target new markets without the hassle – or cost – of opening a store in a new location. As long as you’re happy to send the items, customers from across the world can purchase items without being limited to your opening times or physical location.

It’s important to keep your website’s content fresh. One easy way of keeping your site up-to-date is by including a blog. Write short articles every few days on news and announcements from your industry to show your customers the site is current and to help you get to the top of Google rankings.


  • Use your website to promote your business
  • A website does away with geographical and time constraints
  • A professional website can level the playing-field between your business and its competitors
  • It’s cheaper to set up a website than buying or renting premises
  • The internet allows you to enter into a dialogue with your customers
  • Include an FAQ to improve your customer service
  • Include a blog to show your website is up-to-date

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Evolution of ecommerce in India

The evolution of ecommerce is marked by the convenience with which the internet is bringing together buyers and sellers. Customers and businesses are gathering at a place, a website or a selling platform, to discuss demand and supply. With more people coming online, the way transactions are carried out has changed to a great extent. The support provided by ecommerce websites to make secure payments online and offer goods at customers’ doors has redefined the way retailers approach the target audience and convert them into loyal customers.

As the definition suggests, ecommerce is an act of buying and selling goods, products and services using electronic medium. With an increasing use of smartphones, tablets and computers in households, there is steep rise in online shoppers. India has witnessed the incorporation of a plethora of startups in past five years. Businesses, be it an online shop or a physical store, are putting efforts to be found online and get noticed by consumers. The main reason being the increased exposure and a channel for consistent communication with prospects.

As per a report from Google and Forrester Research, the ecommerce market in India is expected to reach $15 billion by 2016, up from $35 million in 2014. Products ranging from apparels to groceries to electronics are available at reasonable prices. So what makes ecommerce industry see such a growth in India? Probably, the advancement in technology and the ease of online purchasing are the sole contributing factors for the success of ecommerce in India.


Today, online businesses have full-fledged stores providing users the facility to navigate through products’ features. The images of goods you wish to buy can be seen with just a few clicks. If a person is not sure on which features to look for, he can just go through the information rich content and buying guides provided by the top websites before making a buying decision. Indian consumers seek some or the other offering on any purchase they make. Businesses make the best use of this mindset and leverage different occasions and festivals to attract prospects. Cash on delivery, home delivery, and discounts on online purchase are other factors which make ecommerce a big success in India.

The ecommerce giants viz. Flipkart and Amazon are competing to capture the attention of audiences and build trust with them. In fact, other companies are joining the league daily. Snapdeal, Myntra and Jabong are a few other companies to make it to the list of top ecommerce businesses. Ecommerce in India needs to be explored more as it has more capability to outperform any other sector.

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5 Fantastic Tips to Accelerate Your WordPress Website

Even Google considers website speed into their algorithm when positioning websites. So if your website load time is too slow, you can anticipate your Google rankings to drop, and consequently drive less traffic to your website. Having a fast website is very vital for staying active in the modern era of web technology.


Hence what can you do to make your site quicker? Here are a simple ways to reduce your page load times and keep you visitors contented.

  1. Optimize images

When considering images, you need to concentrate on 3 things: format, size and the src attribute.

Image size

Oversized images take much time to load, so it’s vital that you keep your images as small as possible. Make use of image editing tools to:

Cut your images to the appropriate size. For example, if your page is 570px wide, resize the image to that particular width. Do not simply upload a 2000px-wide image and fix the width parameter (width =”570″). This reduces your page load time and generates a bad user experience.

Decrease color depth to the lowest satisfactory level.

Take away image comments.

Image format

JPEG is your finest alternative.

PNG is also fine, though older browsers may not support it completely.

GIFs should only be employed for small or simple graphics (less than 10×10 pixels, or a color palette of 3 or fewer colors) and for animated images.

Don’t use BMPs or TIFFs.

Src attribute

Once you have the size and format right, ensure the code is also right. Particularly, keep away from empty image src codes.

In HTML, the code for an image comprises this:

<img src=””>

When there is no source in the quotation marks, the browser asks for request to the directory of the page or to the authentic page itself. This can include needless traffic to your servers as well as corrupt user data.

It is advised to take time while resizing your images before uploading them. And always take in the src attribute with a applicable URL.

To make certain your images load fast, focus on adding up the WP plugin to your website.

  1. Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript

In other words, take away all white space from code where possible.

White spaces and tabs make code more readable for servers, humans and browsers could not care less as long as it’s convincing and executes without error.

Instead of manually sifting through your code, plugins such as WP Minify and W3 Total Cache can manage this at runtime.


  1. Use a Great Caching Plugin

If you have static images, CSS and JavaScript on your website that seldom change, browser side caching can make your site more concise as it depends upon the web application techniques you followed.

Caching engages storing parts of your site so they just require to be loaded once rather than every time a user visits your website. Caching is mainly useful for your return visitors, plus others who visit some pages of your website.

W3 Total Cache is an accepted caching plugin for WordPress employed by sites like Mashable, Web Designer Depot and WP Beginner. The plugin guarantees a 10 times betterment in overall site performance when configured properly.

WP Super Cache is an easy-to-use option and you don’t require being a server expert install it.

  1. Optimize Database Tables

Optimizing your database tables is like defragging your computer or changing the oil in your car – it will assist in emptying space and keep your database running effortlessly.

You can optimize your database tables yourself using phpMyAdmin or with a plugin.

WP-DBManager lets you optimize, mend, backup and repair your database.

There is also WP-Optimize, one more database cleanup and optimization tool. This plugin also allows you take away post revisions, un-approved comments and items in trash and comments in the spam queue.

  1. Reduce HTTP Requests

Each time someone visits a page on your site, the equivalent files should be sent to that person’s browser, taking in images, CSS files and JavaScript library references. So if you have a HTML file, five JavaScript files and eight images, two CSS files, that’s a total of 16 files that require, being loaded.

By decreasing the number of objects in your site’s pages, you can reduce the number of HTTP requests that are needed to deliver a page, accelerating up load times.

One way to do this is by making the design of your site simpler and combining files such as CSS and scripts. The minify section in W3 Total Cache lets you include your CSS and JavaScript files so you can combine them into one file effortlessly.

The above mentioned guidelines must not take very long to set up and for the attempt you made you will get a faster website and contented visitors.


Narendra Kumar, the author of the above article, is working in a web development company in Bangalore which pioneers in Web design and development using Joomla, Drupal, Magento and, WordPress and develops iPhone, Android and Facebook apps along with GDS-IBE integration system. For more information visit

Impacts of Responsive website Design on your Online Business

Responsive web design isn’t a pattern any more, it’s a must. Being able to provide user friendly experience regardless of their choice of devices indicates you’ll have extended the reach of your service and the possibilities to interact with people.

Many web design agency have been oversimplifying the issue of mobile from a decade, and some companies now think that responsive web design is the solution to all of your problems.

We need to know that, beyond any other objective, a mobile web experience must be fast. Providing a fast, useful and compatible experience to all mobile devices has always been a challenge, and it’s no different when you are applying a responsive technique.

Responsive web design is great, but it’s not a silver bullet. If it’s your only tool for mobile, then a performance issue might be affecting your conversion rate.


We’re wondering that you’re engaged with inbound marketing. But even if you’re not, you still recognize how essential writing a blog and social media are in the 21st century. Actually, if you have not applied some kind of social media strategy in your advertising strategy, you’re losing out on a lot of leads. But, social media has also now gone mobile, which you may have observed. How important is mobile for social media users? According to a research from ComScore, 55% of social media consumption happens on a mobile device.

In the business world, you have to stand above the competitors. So, if more and more customers are using their mobile devices to search and shop online, you have to serve those viewers by having a mobile-friendly site.

So you should always hire Professional Web Design Company who truly understands latest web design trends and how does it impacts on your overall business online.