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Simplifying the Process of Choosing a Brand Name

For some, choosing a domain name isn’t a great deal. They simply choose a keyword or the company’s name as the domain name, but the process isn’t so simple. Deciding on the domain name is a process, wherein multiple crucial factors are needed to be considered. This is the decision that further impacts the future of your website. Thus, before you settle for a domain name, you should go through the below listed points.

how to choose domain name

Choose a defining domain name

The domain name has to be relevant to the nature of the business. The domain name should be so appropriate that it defines your specialization or the objective of your business.

Don’t keep it common, get something unique

Numerous companies are seen getting the domain names similar to those of reputed brands. This doesn’t work well for them. It rather seems to be leaving a negative impact on the audiences. You should always think of a unique name, which a reader may not have heard before.

get unique domain name

Consider to include a major keyword

The idea is not to stuff the domain name with the keywords. To start with, you first need to consider the keywords that are most important for your business. Note all of them down and see if you can get suitable terms out of them for your domain name. However, while doing this, you should always remember that the domain name isn’t a set of keywords. It needs to be reflection of brand and the business.

Try getting dot com domains

Getting dot com domains work well for the businesses. If not, get an appropriate domain name extension.

Build your brand

Get a brand name and use it to get a domain name. This idea works well for any organization. If you have a brand name defined for your business, use it as it will further help you spread the brand awareness.


Keep it short

It should always be kept short as long tail domain names aren’t easy to remember. The short domain names are easily remembered by the users.

Easy to type

If we go by the trend, many companies now consider using unusual spellings of a word or use a unique name. Most of the times, the names chosen by the companies aren’t so easy to type. Choose words that a user will easily remember.

Easy to remember

A domain name should be appropriate for any user to quickly consume. One should not make efforts to recall it.

Avoid including numbers and hyphens

A wisely drafted domain name doesn’t include hyphens and numbers at all. It’s difficult for users to remember hyphens.

Considering these factors would help you come up with a name, which is going to help your business in long term. Besides, an easy to remember URL would also assure more traffic to the website.

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