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Visual Content, an Aid for Social Media Success

Is social media one of the major concerns that your business has been struggling with? If yes, then the first and the foremost change you need to include in your strategy is the visual appeal. You need to review how frequently you post visual content on the social channels and if yes, how appealing is it.

The most popular social platforms cherished the most by businesses are Facebook and Twitter. These have been the platforms that every small and large business wishes to gain the most from, as these are used the most by the consumers. For all such businesses, the visual content seems to be a solution. Data says that 83% of learning comes through visual data. It’s also found through research that our brains process visual data 60,000 faster than textual information. Data also says that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual in nature.

visual social media content

Besides, the kind of communication that works the best for social media channels is visual too. Data compiled by buzzfeed says that posts on social media with an album or an image result in 180% more engagement than those without an image. It’s also discovered that viewers are more like to make a purchase after having seen a product video.

Having reviewed this trend, more companies are now turning towards adopting the usage of visual data as much as possible. Experts suggest that companies should employ usage of high quality and unique images on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. This doesn’t just help ensuring increased engagement, but also helps creating brand awareness. It’s seen that viewers tend to remember visual communication. Thus, increased usage of high quality images can help building brand identity too.

Things to be considered while posting visual content on social media:

  • Original and unique images with creative value are appreciated more
  • Copied or already over circulated images don’t create an impact
  • Adding company’s logo to an image helps building brand’s identity
  • Images should be used to deliver factual information and data too
  • Usage of infographics can result in a rise in engagement


Social media channels that embrace image sharing

Apart from Facebook and Twitter that have already been the major platforms prioritized by most businesses, there has been a rise of other channels that embrace image sharing. Pinterest and Instagram are the social platforms that have got great boost over its feature to post and share high quality images. Having reviewed the popularity of these social sharing sites, businesses too are investing their efforts into these. Nike is one such brand, whose Instagram videos have got it a great boost, which goes even beyond 200%. Pinterest too as an image sharing platform has helped businesses generate a great amount of referral traffic.

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